Jersey's Haircuts & Brews Roseville, CA


it's finally about you!!!

No more waiting in your wife's or mother's salon, choking from the smell of chemical services or acrylic nails. No more trips to those boring-assembly line shops that claim to be "Super" or "Great". No more reading year-old magazines while you wait!!  JERSEY'S Haircuts & Brews is here to change all that!!! JERSEY'Sis a place where guys and boys can feel right at home.   A place where you can catch up on the latest scores or watch your team cruise to victory.  Maybe even enjoy a cold-frosty brew or two while getting your hair cut.  That's right, JERSEY'S  has exactly what every guy wants:  "BEER and SPORTS"!

We can be reached at (916) 782-4247.   We are looking forward to meeting you, so stop by and check us out! JERSEY'S is located on Stanford Ranch Rd in Roseville between Five Star Blvd. and Fairway Drive.   You can also contact us by 

We would be pleased to hear from you! Please share your needs and questions and help make JERSEY'S your choice!

In brief, you should know the following about us: Our business specializes in hair care for guys who want a new kind of experience.  (By the way --  women are certainly welcome to come in for a cut, but  we do not offer chemical services of any kind.) Our goal is to have customers who value the ability to relax, watch some sports on one of our 7 high-definition TVs, enjoy a beer or soda in the pub.... all while one of our expert stylists prepares to give them the hair-cutting experience they have been waiting for.